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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Smart Foods For Brain Supoort

Certain foods can help us move at digital speed and make us think quickly. “Smart” nutrition helps us retain vital information and help our brain stay in hyper drive. We live in a highly competitive environment where we need to “digest” as much information at once as our bodies need nutrients to function its best! What we eat daily affects our performance at work and how we function, think, and react to life throughout the day.

We need nootropics daily to optimize our brain function. I call this nootropics “high-tech” nutrition.

What is high-tech nutrition?

It is those nootropics that supercharge our nervous system and feed our brain! Nootropics found in marine plants and animals as astaxanthin, they are omega-3 fatty acids or phosphatidylseirne in sunflower, or lipoic acid in many other foods I will be discussing later on in the article, just keep reading!

While nootropics can be found in many foods, we need to plan in advance every meal we are going to consume to rip the most benefits from it and include those “high-tech” foods to each plate simply because it is hard to get enough nootropics from regular foods we consume. It is indeed crucial to implement high-tech nutrition to have that edgy brain most of the day and to avoid those “slow” moments and so to call “brain-fogs” or those nasty mood swings and “emotional bursts”. What most people eat on a daily basis often does not have enough nootropics power to feel the difference; thus, adding at least few to a plate each time you eat can help to get more of it; however, it is (indeed) tough goal to meet taking into considerations our working schedules and work environments where breaks are limited. With these all factors, supplementing is for sure a “go to” way to remain sane and productive.

For extreme busy schedules and high position jobs I highly recommend supplementing, especially if the menu looks dull and pretty much the same each week. Brain supplements could be simple Omega-3 in triglyceride form (essential fatty acids) for optimal membrane flexibility and memory. It could be any nootropics supplement that supports brain function, its focus and clarity that will give you all of the essential nutrients you need for peak brain performance and bio-electrical function.

The Genius Brand is one of the supplement brands I trust and have been using for a while now; they are nothing alike with the rest of the market; pure science and clear ingredients that help me a lot with focus and keep me sharp during heavy workloads. You can find these awesome nootropics products and other energy, focus and wellness supplements here (I have my 15% discount code listed end of article for you to save, make sure to remember to use it!)

Being an entrepreneur, I myself, put at least 12+ hours daily into the things that needs to be done to keep up with the market competition, just for business, and not to mention, having four children, planning family meals, and scheduling kids’ activities along with shopping, cleaning, and other household chores and training for competition is already overwhelming and could be unrealistic load for others… Would you agree? Very often people comment “I do not know how you do it…?” Well, as always, I will be honest with no lies around, it is not only mediation/relaxation practice and fitness that keep me sharp and energized; it is my nootropics that work wonders! It does! It is superfoods and are necessary to make us feel good and energized. I used to lose "it" very often, used to be irritated and tired, I was anxious with crazy mood spikes; it is tough to work late nights and wake up 5 AM for training, it takes dedication, discipline and “SANE MIND”. Mind is the hardest part and I would not be able to sustain If not my supplements with superfoods. Yes, Genius Brand supplements already come with mother nature superfoods! Nootropics are the real deal for busy moms and those who just need mental clarity and support and have been struggling to keep it "cool" throughout the day.

One of my top and forever go products I use are JOY and MUSHROOMS from THE GENIUS BRAND, just click on the names to learn and dig deeper on it; I highly-highly recommend; they have been my life-savers!

So, indeed, little did I know about nootropics supplements until one of my fitness partners introduced me to it. Genius Supplements are a good part of my life now. It is a habit I build to use it on a daily and consistent basis as taking care of myself, the first step (ALWAYS!) is to take care of MIND because I always say there is no healthy body without a healthy mind! Supplements along healthy diet are there for us to make life easier and HAPPIER. The only things is wrong with supplements on the market today IS it comes extremely dirty with cancer causing ingredients (yes, 99% are! And I mean it!) and with all those unnecessary additives that affect our digestion, slow down metabolism and other side effects you will be surprised to find out. All these "garbage" ingredients you will never find in Genius Brand Supplements as they come absolutely clean and meet my health coach standards and mind-body needs. THE GENIUS BRAND is 100% pure, Genius products are made with vegetable capsules and the finest ingredients nature has to offer.

  • No artificial dyes

  • No artificial flavors

  • No artificial sweeteners

  • No unnecessary fillers

  • No banned substances

  • No proprietary blends

  • Third party tested

  • Manufactured in the USA!

  • Trademarked Ingredients

This is what we are looking for when shopping supplements! So, be smart when choosing supplements of your choice, make sure they are trustworthy, clean and backed by science with appropriate “dosage” of it and amount of super-foods (this is what The Genius Brand is all about!) It has been over a year I use Genius supplements daily with bliss and really grateful!

Now, if you do have time and manage to implement brain foods into your daily diet and believe it is sufficient, here are my favorite “high-tech” nutrition items to keep in mind when doing groceries:

  • Turmeric Spice

  • Avocado

  • Mushrooms

  • Spinach (+ all green leafy greens)

  • Fish (Wild Sources as Salmon and Sardines)

  • Berries (like blueberries)

  • Nuts (especially Walnuts)

  • Seeds

  • Coffee (Caffeine)*

  • Cacao

  • Dark Chocolate**

  • Eggs

  • Coconut Oil

  • Broccoli

Just to give you a list of other natural nootropics:

  • Creatine

  • Glycine

  • Choline

  • Glutamate

  • ALA (Alpha-Lipoic Acid)

  • Krill Oil

  • Ginkgo Biloba

  • L-Tyrosine

  • L-Theanine

  • L-Trytophan/5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP)

*Coffee: Be cautious how much you drink and what you add on to it, best if plain and no more than 2 cups a day medium strength. Listen to your body and see if you get any jitters from it; if so, you might better off to avoid. What I like about Genius Brand it has products that have no caffeine in it, even PRE-Workout comes with no caffeine, so these products, perhaps, are your best choices!

**Dark Chocolate: Make sure you buy clean dark chocolate preferably with no added sugar and at least 75% cacao; make sure not to overdo it as well!

If you have read till this point, I am truly proud of you – means you do care for your health and interested to give your best to your body or planning to make a move! Regardless, what it is please do not hesitate to reach out to me in person with any questions you might have on the topic or simply spare some quick few minutes to comment below to let me know if the article was helpful and you would like to see and learn more in the future. It will give me an idea what people are looking for to help them make it through their day, to learn more about struggles and how best achieve their health goals and weight loss needs!

For more health tips, fitness motivation and easy to make clean recipes, connect with me on Instagram. Make sure to click the link in Bio to follow my recipe page as well. Connect with me via Facebook Page as well and join my Facebook Ladies group.

Here is my 15% DISCOUNT CODE for your entire purchase, just type TANYA at CHECKOUT to save on wellness & fitness smart supplements of your choice.

As we are in pandemic times, we have more stress... we do need smart foods and supplements to be able to handle and manage it all...

Be well!



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