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Nutrition Services:


  • Fitness Nutrition

  • Kids Nutrition

  • Family Plan

  • Individual Plan


Fitness Training:


  • Private Training

  • Semi-Private Training


Health Coaching:

  • Private

  • Groups

  • Family





Congratulations on your decision to participate in an exercise and/or nutrition program! With the help of your personal trainer, weight management specialist and health coach, you greatly improve your ability to accomplish your goals faster, safer, and with maximum benefits. The details of these training sessions can be used for a lifetime.

In order to maximize progress, it will be necessary for you to follow program guidelines during supervised and (if applicable) unsupervised training days. Remember, exercise and healthy eating are EQUALLY important!

During your program, every effort will be made to assure your safety. However, as with any exercise program, there are risks, including increased heart stress and the chance of musculoskeletal injuries. In volunteering for this program, you agree to assume responsibility for these risks and waive any possibility for personal damage. You also agree that, to your knowledge, you have no limiting physical conditions or disability that would preclude an exercise program.

By purchasing our services, you accept full responsibility for your own health and well-being by engaging in fitness and/or nutrition program(s)/services, and you acknowledge an understanding that no responsibility is assumed by the leader(s) of the program. All services we offer require paperwork to be submitted prior to any type of coaching/ trial sessions/ programs of choice. We are Certified Heath & Fitness professionals and are compliant with HIPAA.

It is recommended that all program participants work with their personal trainer/nutrition coach three (3-4) times per week. However, due to scheduling conflicts and financial considerations, a combination of supervised and unsupervised workouts is possible and needed for best and faster results!



Personal Training/Health & Nutrition Coaching Terms and Conditions


1. Re-scheduling Fee $20.00. We appreciate minimum last-minute cancellations/rescheduling. We respect your time and we hope you pay us back with respect, too; all sessions are planned and individualized to each participant in advance to stay on track with a program design your leader has for you. “No Show” (same day rescheduling/cancellation) to a session without prior notice will result in forfeiture of the session and the loss of the financial investment at the rate of one session. Please give us 24-hour notice to re-schedule or cancel your scheduled session. Must schedule make-up session same week to keep the price for the package (package rates are based on the amount of sessions per week; therefore, you receive discounted rate per session. Ex.: If package rate for twice a week, must have two sessions a week, if signed up three times a week, must keep three sessions a week).

2. Clients arriving late will receive the remaining scheduled session time, unless other arrangements have been previously made with the trainer.

3. The expiration policy requires completion of all personal training sessions within 120 days from the date of the contract (“purchase of packages”). Personal training sessions are void after this time period.

4. No refunds will be issued for any reason, including but not limited to relocation, illness, and unused sessions or other reasons after payment took place.

5. You allow Health Coach/Personal Trainer who is certified in Weight Management, Health Coaching, Personal Training to design a weight control program for you and provide guidelines in quest to enhance your personal well-being. You will follow the program to the best of your ability and will not hold the coach or anyone related to the facility or persons liable for any problems, illnesses or injuries that might occur due to a sudden change in your eating and/or exercise habits. You understand that Coach is not a doctor, medical practitioner or registered dietitian. The weight control program does not replace the expert advice or medical treatment of your own doctor. You have answered the questions regarding your personal health, nutrition, & fitness history, including any medications that you either currently taking or have taken. We require medical release form from your doctor to participate in the program; if case you do not provide, we take it as you were approved by your physician to participate. ***We highly recommend to consult your doctor prior to starting any weight loss program.


6. Materials and Emails. Please keep our information confidential! Our Conversations, Emails, SMS and other social media platforms communications as Instagram, Facebook, etc., including notes, hard copy materials are not meant to share and/or forward. We provide information based on our client's needs. Information provided to you might NOT be the right information to use for someone else and we strictly advise you to not forward, share or convey verbally to others. ***If there is anyone would like to know the details of your “journey”, please refer to us. We pay referral fee.

7. Health Disclaimer. The information provided in Fitness, Health, Wellness and Nutrition Coaching Sessions is designed to provide helpful information on the subjects discussed. Tips and information should not be used to diagnose or treat any medical condition (for diagnosis or treatment of any medical problem, consult your own physician). We are not responsible for any specific health or allergy needs that may require medical supervision and are not liable for any damages or negative consequences from any action, application or preparation, to any person reading or following the information in Coaching Sessions and/or recipes; tasting foods are solely your preference and responsibility.

8. Release. You agree to the following: a) Fitness Training is another tool for teaching individuals about themselves but that your Coach does not guarantee neither good nor bad will occur nor the coaching advice given by the coach will produce good nor bad results; b) You assume and understand the risk of participating in various types of activities (e.g. body-weight, resistance & weight training, cardiovascular, and any other related activities); c) you expressly waive, release, discharge and agree not to sue from any liability of death, disability, personal injury, or action of any kind for the participating in health & fitness coaching; d) we are in a full agreement with terms and conditions and both parties (coach and a client) entering agreement free and voluntarily without force or coercion and both parties (nor anyone else) has not verbally contradicted any of above Terms & Conditions.





Tanya Huglife

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