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Many take notice of “savage” word as something uncontrolled and wild; however, I do not entail to do crazy or wild things here   ))).


By savage, I truly mean “exercise” our imagination: to be creative and dream full-size! Imagination is our biggest motivation, so as dreams. Creativity plays a role between those two: imagination and motivation. Only with imagination, we become more motivated as we plan our route or path (whatever we prefer to call it); a path we take in to build what we have imagined or a route to create things we dream about…


If we want “magic” to happen, we need to create it! We need to find ways to build it and keep working on it because once you stop - “magic” is gone, too! 


What I truly mean above is that you are the only person to create your own happiness, to fulfill all your wishes and reach your goals!


You are to be savage in your own way with your endless imagination and find ways to craft “it” whatever that “it” means to you! In short, if you do the work, it is all is going to work out just fine! Just Be Savage!




“How can I get it what I want?”

“How can I come closer to my dreams?”

“What have I done to change me or the situation I am in?”

“Have I challenged myself today?”…


These regular thoughts of “belief” are our imagination and this is where creation begins! We do not get lucky overnight; we find “luck” if we create it. We are to become what we believe to be...








What does the word "free" mean to our wellbeing?
For some it is to be free financially, for some it is to leave their business partner or spouse, unfortunately, or (truly, fortunately!)… Definition of freedom for each of us indeed varies. It can mean so many things as so many people in the world; thus it is important to find your own freedom.
 At, I teach to be free of constant worry. 
Be Free means to Be Happy and have a life without those negative thoughts, those negative feelings that prevent many from smiling or feeling good about oneself, that unnecessary “guilt” people bring upon themselves. And all those ‘negative’ things take place is by not having a discipline, there should be some sort of discipline (routine) to have things done…
This ‘constant worry’ to have things undone must go, we should let go all of it as soon as possible to gain a piece of mind, and this is what it means to “be free” - to have a healthy solid mind, a happy soul that satisfies and brings good to our wellbeing.
As for me, freedom means to be stress-free and to be free from ‘constant worry’.
You might be asking “But how do you get rid of those damaged thoughts, guilty feelings, and worries?”
The answer is simple, just get “it” done and be FREE! Start doing little steps now, today; small steps each day...
No more worrisome state of mind, no more complains, no more negative feelings but only if you work on “it” and make it happen!
So the fastest and easiest way to be free is just to go and get it!!!
So what are you waiting for?
Go get it!
Do what you have to do as you are the only creator of your freedom…
Be happy. BE FREE!
Be the Best You Can Be


Get yourself out of your comfort zone every single day! Small consistent steps… daily!!! Take responsibility for everything that happens to you, stop blaming others for the circumstances you are in and what’s happening to you, stop complaining and instead, just focus on how to change it. Hence, here are three "requirements" at


1.    Be honest with yourself every day and find no excuses to slack of


2.    Be consistent in everything you do every day


3.    Be the Best You Can Be for yourself, at home, at work and with people you know…because you can and your body can. It changes not only you but it changes your life and people who surround you. Be genuine and wish people well, be considerate and understanding… accept people who they are, appreciate things they do (small or big), be thankful for what you’ve got and always give back, even if it is just a smile, it makes the world better! It makes us better!  



We have a choice, to look for the good or to focus on the bad, to be thankful or to complain...





Make it a great day because after all the choice is up to you!




YourBodyCan Coach

Tanya Huglife

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