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4 weeks
CHOICE OF 2 or 4 LIVE SESSIONS (varies in duration)+ COACH ACCESS+24/7 SUPPORT

  • You will learn how to eat, what to eat according to your body needs, when to eat and why 

  • You will become healthier and stronger, both mentally and physically recharging your body with superfoods available whole year round

  • You will discover few natural nutrients which, if combined, will rejuvenate your body and neutralize fat toxins so the weight comes off fast

  • You will receive helpful kitchen tips, cooking light and easy smart recipes that won't take much of your time 

  • You will receive a list of delicious healthy snacks ideas

  • You will receive a list of cheat small meals for your "SOS" moments or cheat meals

  • You will learn how to have your cheat meal and the importance of a cheat day

  • You will also learn how to cope with stress and how to eliminate it and why managing cortisol is important

  • You will learn the importance of sleep for wellbeing and weightloss

  • You will receive a shopping lists with essential to have in your pantry handy

  • You will receive a healthy carbohydrates shopping list essentials

  • You will receive a healthy (ier) options protein sources shopping list essentials

  • You will receive knowledge of healthy plant-based protein options to have it as your shopping list essentials

  • You will learn how to cook to not jeopardize your health and remain all the necessary nutrients in foods

  • You will learn various smoothies recipes (fat burner recipe, stress relief, energy boosters, detoxifying, aphrodisiac, etc.)

  • You will get an understanding of what clean eating is (what clean for you might not be clean for others)

  • You will learn what foods are anti-inflammatory and why we need to know it, their role and which choices are best

  • You will receive knowledge of nutrition misconceptions on fat and what healthy fat sources are and how to implement them in your lifestyle not overdoing its use

  • You will learn how to get rid of cravings once and for all using natural methods and food tricks (and if you are mentally ready!)

  • You will have a lot of surprises learning that some foods consumed daily and even salads (certain veggies) can at times harm your body more than do good… 

  • You will learn how to detox and cleanse your body from toxins and free radicals

  • You will be able to provide your daily food logs for a review and get necessary feedback with suggestions, this way you improve daily and know how to substitute or add to your plate as you go

  • You will learn how to create your ideal food plate and be able to lose weight without counting calories but understanding body needs

  • You will learn what is really healthy breakfast, dinner, and lunch from the holistic food approach and what  they should really look like

  • You will learn how to implement superfoods in your daily life to absorb the most nutrients out of it

  • You will learn where to shop for clean foods at the most discounted rate and how to save $$$ on organic or non-organic produce (if shop online)

  • You will be given suggestions/tips for chronic conditions, if any (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, etc.; special nutrition instructions for partners planning to conceive). Even group sessions, always tailored to your specific needs according to your paperwork information submitted and discussed outside group sessions. People with chronic diseases matters must add $75.00 to the program plan when submitting payment (Example: Plan Selection + $75.00 = Program Cost)

  • You will learn how to "workout" even when you are working on a computer in the office or drive a car (little small techniques but yet super effective!)

  • You will have your health coach available for you 24/7

  • You will have my unconditional support and guidance throughout the journey

  • You will have access to closed private Instagram Account with food tips & recipes 


  • Both Fitness & Nutritional Profile collected (see below assessment fee)

  • Forms to be filled out prior to the first meeting/session (Forms sent after payment received). ***No candidate permitted to a program without proper forms submitted.

  • All candidates over 55+ years old and/or with obesity mark, chronic conditions require Doctor's Release to participate. If not, we assume you are fully responsible for your decision to join the program. Review our Terms & Conditions at "Contact Us" page.

  • Coach is available for you 24/7 & responds as soon she can. Please send SMS, or social media chat & email at any time. Inquires after 10 PM EDT or before 8:00 AM EDT must be sent to Email (no SMS or social media chats within these hours)




FORMAT: Online Coaching via Video conferencing 

DURATION: 1.5-2 hours x 2 Sessions (1st Group Session might take a bit longer than 2 hours due to Introductions, just in case set aside 2.5 hours for the first period).

NOTE: The first session is usually longer as a rule. Each session offers step by step small instructions or call it new habits to change lifestyle and reach your best version of yourself and improve your health and physique.

SCHEDULE: One Session in  two weeks (we meet up once, then 2 weeks work, we meet up again, and have 2 more weeks after to work on new steps. Sessions take place at a scheduled, fix time on agreed dates)

TIME: GROUP COACHING - always set dates and Time. IF ONE-ON-ONE, we can choose Time & Day.
























Save up to $100.00 with referrals; each referral pays you $50.00. Bring one or two friends or people you know to the program and get reimbursed upon finishing the program. 

Save 5% via Rebate by posting review on our Google and Facebook Page after program completion within 2 weeks or during the course!


Choose any method from below by clicking on it, use Email address to process the payment (Include note "20211001 TEAM")


CLICK HERE FOR PayPal PAYMENT (When Process PayPal, make sure to select "Friends & Family" for us to receive payment in full)


CLICK HERE FOR Zelle App PAYMENT (Instant Money Transfer From your Bank Account)


CLICK HERE FOR Venmo App PAYMENT (last 4 digits cellphone 8029 if Venmo asks)

Connect with me HERE on my social networks channels.


Tanya Huglife

PLAN "A" $510


Program Cost $450

New Client Intake Assessment/Paperwork $60

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PLAN B $600 
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1. Program Cost $450
2. Meal Plan  $150 (Save $60 with program on meal plan!)
3. New Client Intake Paperwork $60 (Assessment Review)

PLAN "C" $675.00 



1. Program Cost $450.00 

2. Meal Plan: Reg. Price $150.00 (Save $60)

3. Follow Up Session*: Reg. Price $150.00 (Save $75)

*valid within 60 days from last day of program,45 minutes in duration.

4.  New Client Intake Paperwork $60 (Assessment Review)

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PRICE: $2,000.00* One-on-One Coaching 

Initial Assessment and Paper Work $60.00 per person


1. All above in highlights

2. Macro Counting Coaching

3. Final Meal Plan 

4. Health & Wellness coaching

5. 24/7 Access to 1:1 Online Coaching (no phone calls)

6. Fitness Recommendations 


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