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Each weight loss story is unique, but there are few things that are often in common:

1) “I starve, I diet, I lose weight and I gain it all back shortly”. 2) Another common problem is a sedentary lifestyle (apart from walking the stairs on the way to work, there are no other movements…). 3) Very busy lifestyles, not enough time for themselves serving other family’s needs and kids first 4) Late night emotional eating 5) Being stressed out

I am sure most of us can relate to at least three of above or all five points. I’ve been there and experienced it all. Now, I will try to be precise and short how to deal with each of this.



We need to create “proper” eating schedule; consistency is very important when it comes to losing fat and most people have it as their “weakness”, they can only last a week or two and then go back to their old habits… We need to eat good food and well-balanced meals. Eating NOT ENOUGH food can work in reverse and can put your body in “energy-saving mode” and then your body is not burning calories as it should be. Starvation diet will not help much here as it is only a temporary solution. It is best to look at weight loss as a lifestyle rather than temporary solutions (meaning eating clean at all times, understanding the importance of health and why it is indeed a necessity to devote time for well-planned meals!).


Do not do it alone. If you are serious about getting rid of extra pounds, you will need to move and to move with someone. Try to find a partner to make a deal with and stick to a plan. Rather than doing it on your own, having a partner will give you more motivation to keep working hard and making to those classes or early AM running or PM long walking distances… Being more active, will for sure speed up results and build a stronger self-esteem, give you more energy and improve your health overall. Find the courage to keep you active every single day! If you do not have partner to join you and struggling to lose some weight, you can check some help here Your trainer can workout with you and create a good nutrition and fitness plan.


Being overwhelmed at both home and work does have an effect on us. We very often forget about what’s truly a matter – health. Running errands, having meetings, taking care of others for sure occupies our days and once we are home, we need to unwind and have some “me” time… Many prefer watching TV over some fresh air walks or any type of workout or exercise… Unfortunately, most Americans live this busy lifestyle, especially families with kids. Kids have tons of activities these days leaving no room for parents to enjoy their leisure time. It goes without saying, this must change. If we truly want to change the situation, some actions need to be done. At least for some time, we can cut off unnecessary “outings”, “travel” time, play dates, etc. This will create some room for “me time”, at least few hours a week. Even if it is 20 minutes, let’s rather use 20 minutes a day than none at all. We truly have no time and thus we need to create it.


Emotional eating is #1 reason people gain weight. Stress is one of the major factors when it comes to why most women can’t keep the weight off… Women have too many responsibilities these days, besides having full-time jobs, they also need to take care of all the family planning, shopping and taking care of kids… that is for sure brings a heavy load… Breathing technique and meditation can keep you stress-free, with a clear and a healthy mind forward (I know, I know, I wasn’t a fan of it, too…, but once you do and feel the difference, you do not want to stop!). You can join some neighbourhood mind-body classes or learn to relax at home. If you need to use the bathroom as your only available option for a quiet corner, go for it… it works just fine for me!


Learn to manage your stress. If you have an unpleasant experience, misfortunes, bad luck, too much too soon occasions, learn to deal with it but not complain about it. Nothing will change until change is done by you. It is very important to find ways to eliminate stress around you. Identify it and then sit down to work on it, finding ways what could be done differently. Another important factor is to find ways to relax; again, we are coming back to that point #3 where we need to find a way to create that “time”. Going at least once a week for a massage can for sure improve our weekly well-being and the way we perform at work or act at home. We must find “Me Time” to reduce stress.

I know it is easier said than done, but it is doable. Instead of saying “I can’t”, constantly repeat “I CAN!”

When reasons become more important than excuses we see success. Work your mind first!

There always few or many options even when it seems none are available…

Be strong, be courageous and make it work because #YourBodyCan and you can!

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