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Back Health OR Better Posture & Walking

  • 1 h
  • 499 US dollars

Service Description

This course is to reduce back pain or it could be for posture. If for posture read below. Both Back & Posture course include 4 LIVE Sessions, meet up 1x week (Reg. Session for Back Pain $120) + 24/7 Coach Access/Health Coaching ($200 in value is FREE) With program you save $280.00 We can also create individual plan to your back health/reduce pain & posture - $249.00. See more services in Services Summary Tab, selecting from the drop down menu! WHY POSTURE? Have you ever thought bad posture can be your #1 reason for a headache and back pain? The way you sit and walk might have being affecting your health overall? If you spend year after year sitting or standing with poor posture, your spine is put under a great deal of pressure…Poor posture leads to chronic headaches, chronic back pain, muscle tension and fatigue, body aches, rounded shoulders, forward and backward tilt (head that either leans forward or backward), bent knees while standing or walking and of course potbelly! Also, there are more serious complications due to poor body posture that is very often overlooked. If your body is misaligned, you could simply be increasing your risk of injury during workout and actually reducing your chance to make performance gains by adding increased force to suboptimal movement patterns. No matter what phase of training you are in, postural alignment is a skill that you can learn and should never ignore. Our posture and the way we walk reflect a lot in our life. Making simple changes to the way we sit, walk and stand can change our life; it can have profound effects on increased self-esteem, pain relief, and athletic performance. Day-to-day reality, sitting jobs and driving long distances to those jobs all make it difficult to have that proper body alignment. But I am very dedicated to make it happen. Register for this session and I will show you how. Learn exercises and rules of posture: how to sit, stand and move.

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